Hebron High School PTSA
Texas PTA Life Membership Nominations

The Hebron Hawk family is made up of many wonderful and dedicated teachers, administrators, staff members, and parents. We are so lucky to have such support within our school! Now is your chance to show your appreciation to those who work so hard for your children. The Hebron Hawks PTSA Life Member committee is accepting nominations for the Honorary Texas PTA Life Membership award. This prestigious award is presented to a person who continuously demonstrates a dedication to the welfare of children.

Hebron High School PTSA

List of Texas PTA Life Member Honorees from Hebron PTSA


  • ​Jennifer Russell

  • Laura Green

  • LeighAnn Genard (Extended Life Member)

  • Julie Moseley (Extended Life Member)


  • Victoria Fick
  • Jacqui Parker
  • Karin Keeney
  • Brenda Jamison (Extended Life Member)
  • Scot Finch (Extended Life Member)


  • Donna Friend
  • Amy Obenhaus
  • Steve Tennenbaum
  • Amanda Werneke


  • Bonny Barger
  • Daphne Eager
  • Jenny Proznik
  • Kronda Thimesch


  • Dedrick Buckels
  • Mark Dalton
  • Michele Emmert
  • Jeff Willard


  • ​Christina Brand
  • William Kuhn
  • Jim Privitt, Sr.
  • James Roe
  • Carly Wenyon
  • Cliff Whisenhunt

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